What perfume does Sarah Jessica Parker wear?

Sarah Jessica Parker

© David Shankbone


Sarah Jessica Parker is a female actress. She is known for wearing the perfume: Bonnie Bell Skin Musk, Clean perfume, Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely perfume, Bonnie Bell Skin Musk, Comme Des Garcons Incense Avignon, Penhaligons Violetta. Wears perfume every day. “The idea of not putting on perfume is shocking to me”. “Favorite Mens scent? Old Spice and Guerlain Vetiver for men.” “My second oldest brother wears Old Spice and my father wore Mennen aftershave. Mennen smells so gorgeous.” Lovely (her son loves it on her). Covet Pure Bloom (it's very captivating),¾Guerlain Vetiver (for men). First perfume – Loves Baby Soft. ¾Blue Rigaurd candles for her home.

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