What perfume does Eva Mendes wear?

Eva Mendes

© Nicolas Genin


Eva Mendes is a female actress. She is known for wearing the perfume: Chanel No 5, Ralph Lauren Romance, Thierry Mugler Angel for women, Estee Lauder Knowing. When asked if she prefers Angel in EDP or EDT she answered, “Both, so I can wear Angel all day long. The lighter concentration in the mornings, the more intense in the evenings. I love to spray it on my wrists, but also on the back of my neck and in my hair, I find it very feminine.” Mendes told Mindfood that she has loved the brand Estee Lauder since she was 12, when she fell in love with the perfume knowing while shopping in an LA mall in the Valley. “I've been wearing it ever since then”, said Mendes.

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