Kristen Stewart: The New Face of Chanel

Chanel is one of the largest, most established fashion and fragrance houses in the world.  They represent a classic luxury, coveted by both men and women through the decades.  Though they have a visually classic appearance they have always run their business as a modern competitive force.  Especially when it comes to their creation and marketing of fragrances.  They were the first to create a fragrance with multiple complex notes and they pioneered the marketing tool of using iconic actresses as the face of their fragrance and fashion campaigns.

Some of the iconic faces to grace the ads for Chanel have been Marilyn Monroe, Catherine Denevue, Kate Moss, Nicole Kidman, Kiera Knightly, and even Brad Pitt as the first man ever to represent a women's fragrance.  The latest Chanel darling is none other than Kristen Stewart.  Stewart and Chanel first teamed up in 2013 when she was featured in their fashion ads.  She has continued to be a Chanel girl since then, but this year will mark her first time as the face of a Chanel fragrance.

Known for her edgy, rock and roll meets couture fashion look Kristen was at first thought to be a strange pick for a Chanel model.  But she has been able to change the Chanel customer from just the wealthy matronly woman to a younger, fashion adventurous client.  She is someone who younger girls from ages 18-30 can really relate to.  It's no mistake that Chanel chose her considering that this is the age bracket that is currently spending the most money on fashion, accessories, and fragrances today.

When Chanel was looking for a face of their newest fragrance, Kristen Stewart was the most logical choice.  The new fragrance, Gabrielle, will be available in September.  It was created for Chanel by Olivier Polge and though they have yet to release what the notes will specifically be, rest assured this will be something new and exciting.  Before Gabrielle all of Chanel's fragrances have been variations of their existing scents, Chanel No5 and Coco Mademoiselle.  Gabrielle will be Chanel's first stand alone pillar fragrance in fifteen years which will be an abstract floral.

Not only will this be Chanel's first new fragrance in over a decade, but with the addition of Kristen Stewart as it's representative will also be a new marketing direction.  Chanel is embracing Kristen's dark edgy side and will be featuring her rocking a whole new look.  For some time Kristen has made it know that she wanted to shave her head but because of work opportunities wasn't able to.  When Chanel said go for it, she did!

Get ready to see a strong print and video campaign featuring Kristen Stewart with a bleached, buzzed head!  It will be an ad campaign that clearly speaks to today's fashion adventurous shopper.  Bold, couture, and modern while still exuding a classic elegance.

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