How Justin Bieber Changed the Fragrance Industry

© Lou Stejskal

A little less than ten years ago, the fragrance industry in the US was suffering major losses. New fragrances were being launched, but nothing was grabbing the attention of consumers. People were sticking with their same old safety scents, not feeling confident to venture out and try something new. There are several reasons for this. One of them being that as a nation we simply weren't spending money as freely as we had in the past due to economic uncertainty. Also, we had developed into a consumer group that wants to be entertained by what we purchase. To feel some kind of connection to it.

Celebrity fragrances were not a new thing at this time, but a limited thing. There were a handful of celebrity fragrances on the market, and we as the buyers had become distanced from them. They just didn't relate to our wants on a strong enough level. But then, something magical happened. Our economy began to improve, and a certain celebrity adored by women of all ages launched his first fragrance.

Justin Bieber launched his women's fragrance, “Someday”, dominating the fragrance industry at that time as the biggest celebrity fragrance launch ever! The scent was described as a fruity gourmand with top notes of wild berries, pear and sweet mandarin. He put out statements that the way a girl smells is very important to him. That this fragrance would be the epitome of the way Justin Bieber wants a girl to smell. Now bare in mind that at this time Justin Bieber had just been ranked as the third most powerful celebrity by Forbes.

Lending further to the tremendous success of Someday was the way it was marketed. The artistic department took into consideration who would be buying it when designing the bottle. It is in a colorful round glass bottle topped with a whimsical glass blown flower. Something very visually appealing to 16-20 year old girls, the target market. It was at a price point that the average American consumer could easily afford to buy for themselves or as a gift for someone else. Then on top of that, Bieber announced that a portion of the proceeds would go to support the Make-a-Wish Foundation and Pencils of Promise, two of his favorite charities. This only added to people feeling more at ease with spending their hard earned money on his product.

But it doesn't stop there. Justin Bieber and his team had a genius launch party in a style that had not yet been done. They partnered up with Macy's and opened the launch party up to the public. They held the party in Macy's famous Herald Square in Manhattan. The fans flocked in droves to not only be in the same room as Justin Bieber, but for the lucky first 325 of those fans who purchased a Someday gift set for $135 they could also get their picture taken with their idol! It's no surprise that in Macy's alone Someday reportedly brought in more than $3 million in sales in under three weeks!

Justin Bieber had set a new standard for how fragrances were launched and marketed, taking the struggling fragrance industry and turning it around into one of the most profitable of all fashion and beauty industries. Now it seems as if there is a new celebrity fragrance launch every few months, and we as consumers can't get enough of it. It gives us a chance to claim some closeness to the celebrities we adore. We get to have a piece of them on our dresser tops. We get to smell like them, embracing a bit of the luxury lifestyle that they get to indulge in.

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