What is the Difference Between Perfume (Parfum), EDT (Eau de Toilette) and Cologne (VIDEO)

One of the most common questions about Fragrances today, is the main differences between them. Learn the difference between Perfume (Parfum), EDT (Eau De Toilette) and Cologne.  Learn which scent is best suited for your needs. Click here to read an article that explains the differences in more detail

For Men: Why and How To Wear Cologne

Smelling good can play a huge role in your life. From your job, to dating, to lifestyle and more, wearing the right scent can be extremely powerful. This video not only explains the benefits of wearing a cologne, but everything you need to know about smelling great. From where to apply cologne to how it should be applied, learn all of the tips and tricks to smelling wonderful! Click here for the most...

The World’s Most Expensive Perfume – Clive Christian No. 1

Designer Clive Christian holds the Guinness Book of World Records for the World’s Most Expensive Perfume. Named, Clive Christian No. 1, the bottle is made out of Baccarat Crystal, and is fixed with a 5 carat diamond set in 18 carat gold top. Only 10 bottles were produced and include some of the most expensive and high end ingredients available in the world. The two main ingredients are natural aged...

Fragrance Etiquette – Do’s and Dont’s of Applying Your Favorite Fragrances

Learn about the right and wrong ways of applying perfumes in order to have the perfect blend without overdoing it. Learn where to apply perfumes to the right locations so that you get the maximum benefits from the body parts you spray.

Ambergris and Its Use in Fragrances

You may have heard of Ambergris, or what is commonly known as expensive whale vomit! Or that's what they used to think it was. Ambergris is a waxy substance formed in the digestive system of sperm whales. It's used in the fragrance industry as a binder, which helps fragrances stick to your skin and makes the fragrance last longer. It's commonly used in high quality french perfumes. Ambergris is extremely...