Perfume Hacks to Smell Great and Last All Day

Who doesn't want to smell great all day long?  But getting your fragrance to smell just as good at the end of the day as to when you first put it on can be a challenge.  Here are a few simple perfume hacks to make your fragrance go the extra mile.

For starters, it's important to make sure you are storing your fragrances properly.  Fragrance compounds are very sensitive to heat, humidity and light.  Even if it may be easier in your routine to keep your perfume or cologne in the bathroom this is a big no no.  The moisture in the air and heat from showering will cause your scent to breakdown and expire.  Instead try keeping them on your dresser, vanity, or even night stand.  If you live in an area that is constantly warm and humid a great hack for storing your perfume is in ziplock bags in the refrigerator.  This will keep your perfume from “scenting” the food in your fridge and vice versa keep any strong food odors from contaminating the fragrance.  For the same reason it also not a good idea to keep a bottle of your favorite perfume in the car to refresh on the go (more on that below).

The next thing to consider when hacking your perfume routine is how you apply it.  Just like how skin care products work better on skin that is slightly damp, so will fragrances.  When you just get out of the shower your skin is warm, soft, and just moist enough (after towel drying) to perfectly capture your fragrance's scent.  The fragrance molecules get a better chance of binding with the skin at this state allowing the scent to last longer.

No time to shower, no worries.  Rub some unscented lotion onto your skin before applying the perfume.  When you rub the lotion in, you will warm up the skin and create a smooth surface for the perfume to settle on.  Then as the lotion dries onto your skin, the fragrance will further bond with your skin.  You can even try rubbing some Vaseline or Aquaphor directly on the spots where you will apply the fragrance with the same results.

Equally important is how and where you apply your fragrance.  Often people will spray the air and walk through the mist or spray on their clothing.  Though this works it won't help your fragrance to last very long.  Fragrance molecules are rather heavy and when you spray the air, the majority of them fall pretty quickly.  So by the time you walk through the mist you won't be getting a very potent application.  And when you spray clothing fragrance molecules don't bond as intensely as they do with the skin.  Fragrances activate from the heat in your skin, not your clothing.

Instead go for the pulse points on your body.  These are the spots that create the most heat to make your fragrance last the best.  They are the wrists, insides of the elbows, behind the knees, behind the ears, and neck.  Another great place to apply perfume is in your hair.  Because the scalp creates a lot of heat it will make the scent of your fragrance last.  Because of the way hair moves, your fragrance will waft beautifully through the air.  The key though is to not spray it directly onto your hair as it can damage tresses.  Instead spray a brush, comb, or even your finger tips and brush it gently through concentrating on the root area.  Make sure to do it gently and not rub so that you don't break down the fragrance.  For this same reason you shouldn't rub your wrists together after spraying them.  It'll break apart the fragrance molecules so they won't last as long.  Just let the spray settle on you instead.

Back to the idea of not keeping a perfume in a hot car.  Sometimes you need to touch up your scent no matter what.  Carrying a full bottle around in a bag is not ideal.  Keeping one in a hot car will essentially ruin it.  Try this hack.  Soak a few cotton balls or cotton swabs in your fragrance.  Pop them in a ziplock baggie and remove as much air as possible.  Now you have single use fragrance refreshers that are easy to carry around.  Also you can buy travel size versions of your favorite scent or even ask the associate at the perfume counter for a handful of samples the next time you buy a bottle.

All of these ideas are great ways to make your scent last through the day.  But here is one last hack to take it all to the next level.  Incorporate all the above mentioned hacks but add the fragrance family package to the routine.  What that means is the coordinating products that go along with any one fragrance.  Once you've found a perfume you really love invest in getting the whole package.  Many fragrances come in a body wash, lotion, spray, and some even have a setting powder!  Using all of these products layered will give your fragrance its ultimate lasting power.

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