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The Celebrity Fragrance Guide 

I originally started this list because I was enamored with how beautiful an actress was.  My beauty would never match hers but I figured I could wear the same make up or the same fragrance and maybe…just maybe….I would acquire some of the beauty.  Didn't work.  In fact, that fragrance was so strong that I was almost knocked over!  I figured, surely some actress who had access to scents I could never dream of owning, would know better.  I've probably tried the majority of the scents listed on here.  They never made me beautiful but it's been quite fun to find something new to smell like.   I hope you can find something you like in this list.

This site is always a work in progress. Do not copy and paste my list please, if you want to share, post a link to the site.  There are a few *exclusive* entries on my page that I will know if I see them listed somewhere else, so be kind and do not copy. I've been working on this for over a decade, so if you would like to share, please link to the website.

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